Focus on Early-Stage Marketplaces

Marketplaces and network effects businesses are our bread and butter. We look for scalable and capital efficient businesses with sound unit economics and market leader potential.

Super-Fast Decision Making

We decide quickly and provide transparent feedback to founders. We typically make an investment decision after two, one-hour phone calls across two weeks. Our defined heuristics and systematized process advantage makes this possible.

We Receive 200+ Inbound Deals Per Week and Invest in the Top 2-3%

We are privileged that most of our work is reviewing inbound deal flow. The majority come from other VCs who value our marketplace specialization and perspective.

Angel Investor Approach

We do not lead rounds or take board seats. We co-invest with hundreds of institutional venture funds globally and add value through our domain expertise and vast network of founders, investors, and operators.

Global Strategy with Focus on the U.S

While we evaluate deals across the world, we focus on large economies with robust venture ecosystems and financial markets. To date, we have invested in over fifty countries.

Our Superpower is Helping Companies Fundraise

We actively help companies raise their next round. Our connectivity is unmatched and we love making thoughtful introductions to VCs we consider allies.